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Taking Care of your Mental Health

Did you know…

· The Burlington Family Health Team provides mental health services to the community for those age 18 years and up.

· These services are publicly funded and run through the Joseph Brant Hospital Mental Health Outpatient Programs.

· The programs focus on stress regulation, changing behaviours, changing thinking patterns, building resilience, and improving quality of life.

· The interventions are short term, skills based, and structured.

To learn more about how to access these services and supports, connect with your family doctor.


Mindful Moment

See if you can slow down, notice how you talk to yourself in a day and how this makes you feel. Now ask yourself if you would say those things to your friends/family. Is it possible, in this moment to treat yourself as you treat others? Be a bit kinder, a bit gentler? How might this option make you feel?

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