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Family Together

Halton McMaster Patients

Patients of the Halton McMaster Family Health Centre have access to specific service providers from the Burlington Family Health Team for one on one care.  These providers include: Occupational Therapist, Respiratory Therapist, Pharmacist and Nurse Practitioner. 


If you are interested in seeing one of these providers, speak with your family physician.

See below for more information.

Occupational Therapist

Our Occupational Therapist (OT) sees individuals one on one at the Halton McMaster Family Health Centre, providing support to adults who are experiencing difficulty with everyday activities due to a health condition or disability. Our OT may also see caregivers to help them manage caregiver stress, and minimize their risk of injury as well. Examples of how our OT can support you include: 

  • Balance/Falls prevention assessment 

  • Cognitive screening, functional assessments 

  • General therapeutic exercise 

  • How to seek funding for mobility devices (eg. walkers) and recommendations on equipment 

  • Links to community resources in the City of Burlington

Respiratory Therapist

Our Respiratory Therapist (RT) provides support to individuals with lung conditions like asthma and COPD. Working with your doctor, the RT helps you understand what is happening in your body, find the best treatment options and teach self-management strategies to help you breathe well. Other supports provided by our RT include: smoking cessation counselling, nicotine replacement therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation and information on oxygen therapy.



Our Clinical Pharmacist sees individuals one on one to support you in various aspects of your healthcare.   

Examples of how our Pharmacist can support you include: 

  • Medication review

  • Nicotine use support 

  • Diabetes Management  

  • Chronic Pain Management

Nurse Practitioner


Our Nurse Practitioner (NP) provides primary care services independently and in collaboration with physicians and other BFHT team members. The NP focuses on disease prevention and health promotion, as well as diagnosing and treating illness and management of chronic conditions. The NP sees individuals one on one at the Halton McMaster Health Centre and is the clinic lead of the Aging at Home program and the Community Remote Care Management (CRCM) Program.

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