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Physiotherapy Treatment

 Physiotherapy Services

Our Physiotherapy team will work with you to improve: mobility, physical activity, and overall health and wellness. Treatments typically include an individual assessment by a physiotherapist, followed by team-based care including education on self-management and active exercise prescription.


Examples of conditions treated by physiotherapy might include: osteoarthritis, athletic and sports injuries, rotator cuff injuries, COPD/breathing difficulties, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, balance and falls concerns, and vestibular problems such as vertigo.

We offer One to One Services and Group Programs.  Please see eligibility below.










*Note: Eligibility also subject to assessment by physiotherapist


For more information on our services, talk to your family doctor, or give us a call at:

Phone: 289-861-5611, ext 5512



Below is a list of the current programs we are offering.

One to One Services



-20-64 yrs of age

-not eligible for OHIP

-no extended health benefits

-no active WSIB claim

-no active motor vehicle accident claim

-no personal injury claim/litigation

Group Programs



-20 years of age or older


Group programs focus on:

· Hip & knee osteoarthritis

· Balance & mobility

· Persistent pain

· Shoulder Injury

· COPD, Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis


Chronic Pain Program

A 8 week, research based program for people with chronic/persistent pain. Includes group and 1:1 sessions with education and exercise therapy

Image by Toomas Tartes


GLA:D Canada

A 7 week, research based program for people with hip and/or knee osteoarthritis. Includes group education & exercise



Pulmonary Rehab

An 8 week, group-based, education and exercise program for individuals living with COPD or other chronic lung diseases.

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EFEA (Exercise For Everyday Activities)

A 8 week, group based education & function-focused exercise program for people with balance and mobility issues

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