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4 Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp!

As we get older, certain activities can help to keep our brain challenged and increase our capacity to learn. Here are 4 ways to keep our brain challenged, especially as we get older:

  • Staying socially active. Research indicates that social events/activities can help to slow down cognitive decline by stimulating our mind. Challenge: Find new topics of interest to discuss with your peers or attend new social events with others!

  • New Learning: Our brains enjoy new types of learning whether it be reading new books/magazines, playing board games, going to lectures, or learning about new technology; these all help reduce the risk of cognitive decline and keep our brain challenged!

  • Move your body: Studies show that exercise is a great way to not only keep your body healthy but your brain fit as well! Consider taking a class or going for a walk outside.

  • Sleep: Getting a good night’s sleep is optimal for our brain health. While sleeping patterns are unique for each individual, getting a good night’s rest can help consolidate new information and learning. Consider getting into some good sleeping habits, including setting a schedule of when you go to bed and wake up at the same time each day (including weekends 😉).


Interested in learning more?

Join the Burlington FHT & Caroline FHT for Better Living For Your Brain!

A virtual, 4 week (2 days a week) educational series on brain health.

The next session starts September 10, 2024.

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