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Mindful moments from the BFHT Team!

Psychotherapy- “Honour the importance of taking time and space for yourself this holiday season. Gift yourself: A short walk. A quiet moment. A hot cup of tea. Self-care practices can help you cope with the difficulties and reduce the stress you may experience at this time of year.”

Pharmacy- “As we near the end of 2022, take a moment to clear out your medicine cabinet and safely dispose of any medications that have expired this year. Make 2023 a fresh start for you and your medications!”

Respiratory Therapy - "Take the time to reflect and take a few deep breaths to celebrate getting through this past year with its challenges and successes!"

Occupational Therapy- “This can be a busy time of year; combined with difficult weather, it’s easy to put yourself at risk. Be sure to take your time and be mindful as you carry out activities of daily life!”

System Navigation- “This holiday season, know that there are people in your community who are there to help you through your journey even when the road seems difficult and lonely. Some may be strangers now, but one phone call can open the door to make a connection. Take care of yourself and make that call - you do not have to walk alone.”

Physiotherapy- “Cold therapy has a multitude of benefits; join the Burlington Family Health Team on our Just Walk events throughout the winter - we’re going outside so bring your hot bevvies!"

The BFHT team wishes you a season of mindfulness and good health for 2023!


Upcoming programming:

TelePALS Wellness Breaks with the BFHT – Movement with Anne!

Click here to find out dates and to learn how to join.

Just Walk:

Falls Prevention Sat, Dec 10th at 9:00am

Dancing Away the Winter Blues Sat, Dec 17th at 9:00am.

Click here to learn more.

Mental Health 101: Talk by Shannon, BFHT Psychotherapist, in the Burlington Public Library Series. Tues, Jan 31st at 1:30pm. Click here to register.

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