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Mental Health Is....

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

• Emotional (feelings) and psychological (thinking + behaviour)


• Sense of purpose and meaningful life (reasons for living)

• Quality of relationships

• A sense of belonging (connection to others)

• Resilience (bouncing back from difficult experiences + personal growth)

Possible warning signs of poor mental health:

​• low mood

• low energy

• lack of pleasure or interest in life

• low motivation

• sleep issues

• appetite changes

• hopelessness

• feelings of guilt, worthlessness,

sometimes suicidal thoughts

• feeling nervous or on edge

• racing thoughts, worrying a lot

• tension in body

• shakiness

• heart racing

• sweating, cold, or tingling sensations

• feelings of fear or panic

• sleep issues

Where can you get help? Talk to your doctor, they have resources and can make referrals for you.

If you’re in crisis, call Halton's COAST crisis line at 1-877-825-9011 (mental health emergency, wellness checks, etc.) OR visit your local emergency department.


Mindful Moment

~Saying No = Saying Yes to yourself~

Many of us struggle with saying no, whether it’s something at work or in our personal life. Consider how much it costs you, and what you might lose in saying yes over and over again. Ask yourself: Do I genuinely want to do it? Does doing this align with what I need most right now? Do I have the energy and capacity? Is my response coming from guilt or worry?

See how it feels to start a new conversation with yourself, and what possibilities arise, when you say no!

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