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Air Quality - Some Things to Consider

Did you know?

There are things to consider with both outdoor and indoor air when it comes to your lung health.

Outdoor Air: if there is a smog or air quality advisory, try to:

* stay away from areas with automobile traffic

* stay indoors with air conditioning; in the community, libraries, community centers, shopping malls, etc. are good places to go if you don't have access to air conditioned spaces.

* reduce strenuous activities, especially outside

* check local health forecasts for AQHI

Indoor Air: there are a number of things to consider inside your home that can affect your breathing

* Gas appliances can release dangerous gases; be sure to use a good fan vented outside when in use

* Damp areas provide a place for mold to grow. Check window sills, unfinished basements, bathrooms, house plant soil for signs of mold

* Many household cleaners contain toxic chemicals. Try to choose environmentally friendly products.

* Air fresheners, perfumes, ,hair sprays, etc. release a variety of harmful chemicals

* Make sure bathroom exhaust fans are kept clean and working well to vent moisture outside.


**Information taken from

For more information visit the Lung Health Foundation website at

If the air quality is at an okay level, be sure to check out Just Walk on July 17th!

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