Ontario Health Teams

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The Ministry defines an Ontario Health Team as an innovative model of care which will help to transform the health care landscape.

By building high-performing integrated care delivery systems across Ontario that provide seamless, fully coordinated care for patients, Ontario Health Teams will help achieve better outcomes for patients, improved population health, and better value for the province.”

I am pleased to announce that BFHT is one of the partner’s who came together to submit a Readiness Assessment to be an early adopter of the Ontario Health Team model.  Yesterday, the Ministry of Health advised that we have been selected to move to the next stage of the process, which is the completion of a full application.  This application will be reviewed in detail with an announcement by the Ministry in late Fall as to who has been selected to be an early adopter.

Our partners in this application consist of the Caroline Family Health Team, North Burlington Medical Centre, Fairview Dos, Joseph Brant Hospital and our Local Health Integration Network Home and Community Care.  Over time, the partnership will expand to include additional primary care physicians and community agencies.  Plans are underway to engage with the community in the next few weeks to provide more information on this exciting initiative.

We will continue to share more information as we proceed with this process.


Joanne Pearson

Executive Director


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