OHIP: Insured Services Update Effective Oct 1st, 2019

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Dear Patients,

Recently, the Ministry of Health working alongside the Physician Appropriateness Working Group have updated the OHIP insured/uninsured benefits to reflect current evidence-based guidelines to provide best care for patients. The following changes were made to ensure Ontarians get the best possible care, while reducing redundancy and health system waste (Choosing Wisely).If you have questions about the below changes –please talk to one of your healthcare providers about the changes.


WHAT:Previously, routine pre-operative assessment by a primary care provider was required by the Ontario Hospitals Act. However, Pre-Operative assessments are often best done by those involved with the surgical procedure (the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, or the medical doctor who provides hospital care/follow up). Routine pre-operative assessments will no longer be insured for primary care providers

WHAT WILL THIS MEAN FOR ME: Your primary care provider and surgeon can still make referrals to Preoperative Assessment clinics which will continue to help with pre-operative planning. These visits will still be insured by OHIP. If your surgical provider still feels they require your family physician to do a Pre-Operative physical form in addition to this assessment, there may be a cost associated of $65.00 with the completion of this assessment and forms.


WHAT:Ear wax removal will only be insured when it results in hearing loss and applying topical medications has been unsuccessful, or when immediately removing the wax is necessary for diagnosis and/or therapy.

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU:Your physician may ask you to try topical medications to remove ear wax prior to manual removal at an associated cost of $11.25 per ear.


WHAT: Urine pregnancy tests will only be insured when an immediate determination of pregnancy is required.

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: If you are pregnant, a home pregnancy test is one way to confirm pregnancy. You can discuss with your provider if other testing including blood tests and ultrasounds might be used to confirm or date your pregnancy (these tests are still covered by OHIP). If your doctor needs to do a pregnancy test to rule for a medical reason, these will still be covered.

Upcoming workshops at the Burlington Public Library!

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The community team at the Burlington Family Health Team will be offering the following sessions at the various Burlington Public Library locations.  Registration starts Nov 15th, 2019 – All are welcome!!

Don’t Hibernate!

4 Dec: 10:30 am-11:30 am, Aldershot

27 Jan: 7-8 pm, Alton


Living Better with Osteoarthritis

16 Dec: 11 am-12 pm, Central

5 Feb: 10:30 am -11:30 am, Aldershot


Come Fall with Us

29 Jan: 10:30 am -11:30 am, New Appleby

11 Feb: 2-3 pm, Brant Hills 


Improve your Sleep Routine

10 Feb: 7-8 pm, Central – Jake and Shannon

26 Feb: 10:30-11:30 am, New Appleby – Jake and Shannon


SPRING 2020:

End Hibernation!

1 Mar: 2-3 pm, Alton

Ontario Health Teams

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The Ministry defines an Ontario Health Team as an innovative model of care which will help to transform the health care landscape.

By building high-performing integrated care delivery systems across Ontario that provide seamless, fully coordinated care for patients, Ontario Health Teams will help achieve better outcomes for patients, improved population health, and better value for the province.”

I am pleased to announce that BFHT is one of the partner’s who came together to submit a Readiness Assessment to be an early adopter of the Ontario Health Team model.  Yesterday, the Ministry of Health advised that we have been selected to move to the next stage of the process, which is the completion of a full application.  This application will be reviewed in detail with an announcement by the Ministry in late Fall as to who has been selected to be an early adopter.

Our partners in this application consist of the Caroline Family Health Team, North Burlington Medical Centre, Fairview Dos, Joseph Brant Hospital and our Local Health Integration Network Home and Community Care.  Over time, the partnership will expand to include additional primary care physicians and community agencies.  Plans are underway to engage with the community in the next few weeks to provide more information on this exciting initiative.

We will continue to share more information as we proceed with this process.


Joanne Pearson

Executive Director


For more information on Ontario Health Teams, please refer to:


The Hamilton Spectator recently ran an article on Hamilton and Burlington’s applications which you can read via this link:


You can find the Burlington Family Health Team at:

   Burlington FHT


A letter to Dr. Borden’s patients

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Dear Patients,

I am writing to notify you of some upcoming changes in my practice.

As of September 1, 2019, Dr. Procter will be stepping back from my active office practice. He will still be continuing on with his work in the hospital and locum work within our office, so I’m sure you will see him around! I thank him greatly for the support he has given me throughout my career.

As many of you are aware, I have a strong passion for the teaching of Resident Physicians, many of whom you have met over the years. I have been given the great opportunity to take on an exciting leadership role within the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University as the Site Director of our Family Medicine residency program in Halton. I am thrilled to be given this opportunity and look forward to the challenges it will bring.

Taking on this role will mean that, similar to my arrangement with Dr. Procter, I will have a new colleague, Dr Ambika Haran, joining me as my practice partner. Starting September 1, 2019 we will both be your Family Doctors, similar to how it was with Dr. Procter and I over the last 5 years.

We may contact you to sign a new patient Enrollment form. This is required by the Ministry of Health for you to continue seeing both of us for your care. Regardless of which “roster” you are attached to, you may still book with myself, Dr. Haran or both of us.

I am delighted to welcome Dr. Ambika Haran to my practice and look forward to her working with each of you over the coming years. Dr. Haran graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2011. She completed her Family Medicine residency and a fellowship in low risk obstetrics at the University of Toronto. She is an obstetrical and newborn care provider at William Osler Health System and has been practicing Family Medicine for the past 5 years. She is also active in medical education, serving as faculty at the University of Toronto and McMaster University. I am thrilled to welcome her to my practice and to the Halton McMaster Family Health Centre.

We thank you for your patience during this transition and look forward to working as a team to provide excellent care to the patients of our shared practice.


Susan Borden BN MD CCFP

A letter to Dr. Mirander’s patients

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Dear Patients,

I am writing to announce a change in my practice starting on July 1st, 2019.

In order to continue to give you the best care possible, I will be joining my practice with Dr. Abiola Fajobi’s effective July 1, 2019. We will work as a team to provide you with ongoing care.

Dr. Fajobi is also a skilled physician here at Halton McMaster Family Health Centre. Beyond her Primary Care practice she works as a Hospitalist at Joseph Brant Hospital and if you are admitted she would likely be your doctor during your stay.

For those patients who only would like to see by me primarily, you will still have the option to do so. I will still continue to be on site most days of the week and this team approach will provide you with better access and continuity of care.

Lastly, with our efforts to accommodate patients, it is important that you are committed to our practice too. When seeking non-emergency same day medical attention, we ask that you call our office first. We hope to be able to accommodate you as needed and can often accommodate minor lacerations and wounds that can avoid the emergency room wait. Since we are held accountable for your outside walk-in clinic visits, we appreciate your cooperation.

To meet your health care needs we provide the following:

  • Appointment with your primary care provider (Dr. Mirander or Dr. Fajobi)
  • Same day appointment slots with your primary care provider (clinic opens at 9:30am)
  • Appointment with nurse practitioner, if available
  • After-hours care with one of the clinic’s physicians
  • Appointment with resident, if available

Beyond our office hours, the Telehealth # can advise you of a good course of action:

Telehealth Ontario 1-866-553-7205



Online scheduling is now available! Go to: www.burlingtonfht.com

Click on: Halton McMaster Family Health Centre and book an appointment online.

Thank you kindly and hope to see you soon.


Dr. Lennox Mirander

A letter to Dr. Fajobi’s patients

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Dear Patients,

I am writing to announce a change in my practice starting on July 1, 2019.

In order to continue to give you the best care possible, I will be joining my practice with Dr. Lennox Mirander’s effective July 1, 2019. Dr. Mirander and I will work as a team to provide you with ongoing care.

Dr. Mirander is also a skilled physician here at Halton McMaster Family Health Centre. He has a different set of skills from mine, such as joint injections and as a patient you will now have access to.

For those patients who only would like to see a female physician, you will still have the option to book with me.

I am also pleased to announce that I will be going on maternity leave from September to December 2019. My maternity leave will be short given that my practice is still growing. A female locum physician will cover the practice while I am away for my short maternity leave.

I would also like to use this opportunity to remind all my patients about the same day urgent appointments and after-hours clinic that are available here at the Halton McMaster Family Health Centre from Monday-Friday. When walk-in clinics are used by our patients, we do not have any record about what has happened with your care and it makes it difficult to know enough to care for you. Lately the Ontario government has charged us thousands of dollars from “outside use” for patients going to walk-in clinics when in fact we have appointments during the week. Please call our 905-333-8222 number for a same day appointment if you need to be seen urgently. If spots have already been scheduled, we have a nurse practitioner who may be able to see you and discuss your care with us. Lastly we have the after-hours clinic from Monday-Friday from 5pm-8pm. Patients who continue to have repeated outside use may be de-rostered.

If you have difficult circumstances that require repeated use of walk-in clinics, such as being away at university, please discuss this with me and we might be able to make accommodations for such.


Online scheduling is now available! Go to: www.burlingtonfht.com

Click on: Halton McMaster Family Health Centre and book an appointment online.

Thank you kindly and hope to see you soon.

Dr. Abiola Fajobi

A letter to Dr. Field’s patients

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Dear Patients,

As some of you know, I am expecting my second child near the end of September 2019.  My husband and I are very excited for the addition to our family, though I am not sure my 3-year-old son can say the same.  I have decided to take an 8-10 month maternity leave to spend this quality time with our little one.  I will be continuing to work until Friday September 13, 2019 and then will be off work from September 16, 2019 and returning the summer of 2020.  The exact date that I will be returning to work is currently undecided but myself and the clinic will know more by spring 2020.

I am very happy to announce that Dr. Cinnamon Barone will be covering my practice while I am away.  She recently completed her family medicine residency through McMaster University and was placed at our clinic, the Halton McMaster Family Health Team, for the past 2 years.  She has a great understanding of our clinic and the local resources in our community.  She will be working, as I did, 4.5 days per week with Thursday afternoons off and will be continuing with the Diabetes clinic on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.  The remainder of the clinic will continue to run as it has with our after-hours clinic from 5-8pm Monday to Friday, our nursing clinic for immunizations/injections, our Aging at Home Program with our Nurse Practitioner, Jackline Akuoko, and our Occupational Therapist, Leanne Fernandez, as well as the rest of our allied health team and their regular schedules.

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Barone to the team.  I am confident she will provide an excellent level of service and ensure a smooth transition for all involved.  If I do not see you before I leave, I wish you all the best over the next year and look forward to seeing you next summer upon my return.


Online scheduling is now available! Go to: www.burlingtonfht.com

Click on: Halton McMaster Family Health Centre and book an appointment online.



Dr. Courtney Field

A letter to Dr. Ludlow & Dr. Barten’s patients

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To our patients,

Dr. Bartens and Dr. Ludlow are pleased to announce that they are continuing to work together sharing a medical practice.

In July 2019, Dr. Bartens will be taking over as the physician of record for enrollment purposes. 

In July 2019, Dr. Ludlow will continue to work the same amount in the clinic and see patients, however, her focus will be on continuing to teach and support future physicians, our residents here at McMaster Halton site.

With the transition to Dr. Bartens as the enrolling physician, there will be no changes as to how you schedule an appointment or how you see either Dr. Bartens, Dr. Ludlow, or their residents.

With the transition to Dr. Bartens as the enrolling physician, patients will need to sign new enrolment papers to maintain active patient status in our practice. 

You can come in anytime during business hours (Monday to Friday 915 am to 7pm) after July 1, 2019 to sign the new enrolment paperwork. You may also be asked to do so at your next appointment if this has not already been completed.

We are excited for this next chapter, and are pleased it will have absolutely no impact on your direct care. 


Dr. Kyla Ludlow and Dr. Michelle Bartens