It’s Official- Our Community Services are open for business!

By October 1, 2018Uncategorized

As announced in May 2018, the Burlington Family Health Team was provided with funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to establish a Mental Health program and a Muscular Skeletal Rehabilitative program.  I am very happy to announce that both of these services are now taking referrals from Primary Care Physicians practicing in Burlington, Ontario.

We are pleased to be able to offer access to these programs to Burlington Primary Care Physicians and their patients.  Our team looks forward to providing our services and support to the community.

Burlington Community Access to Psychotherapy Treatment (B-CAPT)

B-CAPT’s Mental Health Counsellors provide evidence-based group psychotherapy through a stepped-care collaborative delivery model for patients with mild depression and anxiety.  Patients participate in groups that meet their level of need for symptom severity and goals for treatment and start in the group that is most likely to support their success. Care plans are reviewed after each group ends to assess progress and need for continued treatment.

B-CAPT Programs:

  • B-Calm: a 4-week session group focused on stress regulation
  • B-Action: a 4-week session group focused on behavioural activation
  • B-Balanced Thinking: a 5-week session group focused on cognitive restructuring
  • B-Mindful: a 5-week session group focused on mindfulness

How to refer:

Referrals are made by Burlington Family Physicians through the central intake to Joseph Brant Community Mental Health and Addictions. From that referral they are triaged and may be sent to B-CAPT if the patient would benefit from the program and an assessment is done by a Mental Health Counsellor.

Burlington Community Access to Rehabilitative Services (B-CARS)

B-CARS offers access to Primary Care Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and Activity. Programs offered through B-CARS will be delivered in group format, by a dynamic and innovative team of Physiotherapists and Kinesiologist.

B-CARS Programs:

  • B-CARS Living Better with Pain: a 6-week chronic pain self-management programs, that aims to get people moving, reduce pain, and improve the quality of life. It was developed to specifically target functional improvement in chronic pain populations.
  • B-CARS GLA:DTM Canada: a 6-week exercise and education program specifically designed for adults living with mild to severe osteoarthritis. It aims to improve muscle control and stability to reduce pain and increase mobility for those suffering from Osteoarthritis.
  • B-CARS TIMETM: an 8-week program that aims to get people moving and improve mobility with confidence. Each class is 60 minutes in duration focusing on task related functional movements to strengthen muscles in the legs and core, and improve coordination.

How to refer:

Referrals are made by Burlington Family Physicians completing and faxing the B-CARS referral form which has been sent out to Family Physicians. When the completed faxed referral from comes in it is triaged and assessment is booked with a clinician. If the patients are not suitable for the programs offered they will provide the patient with other resources and inform the family physician.

If you are interested in our programs, please speak to your family physician to request a referral.