A letter to Dr. Fajobi’s patients

By June 10, 2019Uncategorized

Dear Patients,

I am writing to announce a change in my practice starting on July 1, 2019.

In order to continue to give you the best care possible, I will be joining my practice with Dr. Lennox Mirander’s effective July 1, 2019. Dr. Mirander and I will work as a team to provide you with ongoing care.

Dr. Mirander is also a skilled physician here at Halton McMaster Family Health Centre. He has a different set of skills from mine, such as joint injections and as a patient you will now have access to.

For those patients who only would like to see a female physician, you will still have the option to book with me.

I am also pleased to announce that I will be going on maternity leave from September to December 2019. My maternity leave will be short given that my practice is still growing. A female locum physician will cover the practice while I am away for my short maternity leave.

I would also like to use this opportunity to remind all my patients about the same day urgent appointments and after-hours clinic that are available here at the Halton McMaster Family Health Centre from Monday-Friday. When walk-in clinics are used by our patients, we do not have any record about what has happened with your care and it makes it difficult to know enough to care for you. Lately the Ontario government has charged us thousands of dollars from “outside use” for patients going to walk-in clinics when in fact we have appointments during the week. Please call our 905-333-8222 number for a same day appointment if you need to be seen urgently. If spots have already been scheduled, we have a nurse practitioner who may be able to see you and discuss your care with us. Lastly we have the after-hours clinic from Monday-Friday from 5pm-8pm. Patients who continue to have repeated outside use may be de-rostered.

If you have difficult circumstances that require repeated use of walk-in clinics, such as being away at university, please discuss this with me and we might be able to make accommodations for such.


Online scheduling is now available! Go to: www.burlingtonfht.com

Click on: Halton McMaster Family Health Centre and book an appointment online.

Thank you kindly and hope to see you soon.

Dr. Abiola Fajobi