A letter to Dr. Davis, Bursey, and Hanson’s patients

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To All Of Our Patients,

Happy New Year!

This year will bring some changes at our clinic, and we wanted to reach out to all of you to ensure that you are aware of some of the changes that will be occurring in our Family Practice.

We were sad to see Dr. Bursey leave in December, but wish her all the best with her family in British Columbia.  She has settled into her new home, and sends her regards to all of you, thanking you for the kindness and support you showed her over the time of her transition.

In January, the practice was joined by Dr. Leslie Hanson.  Dr. Hanson is originally from Oakville, and is a recent McMaster graduate. She has already started at the clinic, and some of you may have already met her.  She will be working with Dr. Davis to continue to provide comprehensive family medicine care to you and your families, including hospital and obstetrical care.

Dr. Davis will work alongside Dr. Hanson over the next 6-months, introducing her to our clinic and our practice.  As of June 21, 2019, Dr. Davis will be leaving her community-based practice in Burlington to persue an academic career with McMaster University.  While she is excited about this change in her career, she is also sad to leave behind the wonderful group of patients that she has cared for in the Burlington community for a decade.  She is truly grateful to have been granted the privilege to be involved in each of your lives during joyful and sad times, and will miss her Burlington community practice greatly.

Dr. Hanson will assume the complete practice as of June 21, 2019 and is excited to develop the longstanding relationships that Dr. Bursey and Dr. Davis have had with you.  Dr. Davis and Dr. Bursey are both certain that Dr. Hanson is an exceptional physician and truly believe that she will continue to provide you all with outstanding care.

Rest assured there will be no interruption in your care and you can continue to access our office and book an appointment by calling 905-333-8222.

If you have moved or found a new family physician, you may request a copy of your medical chart to be transferred to your new physician at any time by contacting our office at 905-333-8222.


Dr. Davis

Dr. Bursey

Dr. Hanson